【Important】About domain setting of received mail

Thank you for using alice auaa WEB SHOP.

This is a guide for customers who purchase or make inquiries at this WEB SHOP.
Please be sure to check it.

◆ To customers who purchase
When the purchase procedure is completed, an automatic delivery email will be sent to you when your order is accepted.
All e-mails delivered from this WEB SHOP such as automatic e-mails and e-mail newsletters are sent from the domain of, so please be sure to set the domain of to be receivable.

◆ For inquiries
Inquiries from this WEB SHOP will be answered at the address of, so please be sure to set the address of to be receivable.

Depending on your e-mail settings, it may be rejected by the domain or sorted to the junk e-mail folder, so please check and set before using.